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October 29, 2012
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MAGE: spare parts and skelly keys by frappuu MAGE: spare parts and skelly keys by frappuu
        Item Creation Goods: Spare Parts
        Item Creator: Percival
        Item Description: A bin filled with tons of spare pieces in all shapes, sizes, and metals. Good for melting into other metals or if you just so happened to be short a screw. 20 for 1 Plut.

        Item Creation Goods: Skelly Keys Series A
        Item Creator: Percival
        Item Description: Hand-made keys from the varieties of tools and materials hanging around in the shop. Each key is one of a kind and Percival must be present to purchase. ($roll 1d5)

        Series A Keys:
        A1 Monster Eye ❖ Stained with black, green, and gold, this silver key resembles spooky eyes tangled in dark vines.
        A2 Caged Bird ❖ This key is made of bronze, gold, and white gold and shows a small blue bird deep in an intricately designed cage.
        A3 Mr. Bones ❖ An iron key painted with white and red, showing Mr. Bones in his fancy royal crown~ Small red gems are set in the eyes to help give him a regal appearance.
        A4 Venom ❖ This key probably can never be practically used anywhere, but it sure does look cool. A spider design made of iron and painted with silver and a metallic purple.
        A5 Moon & Stars ❖ Based off of the Captian's Log, a key representing the beautiful Sea of Moon and Stars where the Voyager lived in the story. Very fragile and made of tinted glass where sand and crystals sit inside the water-filled cavities.

MochiWaDaisuki Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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