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FINITE02: aither by frappuu FINITE02: aither by frappuu




        17 (appears 20)


        5' 10"




        Greek / American




        Jewel District








        Sharp, Silver tongue | He tells things as he sees them, but uses such boldness to garner the respect or persuasion of others. Often times he will seemingly put aside his own interestes in benefit of someone else, but who knows if these intentions are genuine. To those he offends, he thinks nothing of. If they couldn't withstand his words, he feels they had nothing to offer. Because of this, he has few relationships that are positive with others as he's a difficult personality to get along with.
        Fast | He tried planning everything out once. It was boring. His lifestyle is extremely forgiving as well, so there's no need for him to take caution. His interest for you may flee as soon as it came.
        Possessive | If he feels like he owns something, he will make it known. Sometimes the displays are obvious, other times they're silent threats that should be heeded. If not, he will try his damned hardest to try and ensure that proper consequence is met.
        Poor Social Skill | This shouldn't be a surprise. His all around ability to get along with others is probably piss-poor while being insensitive to boot, but better than your average Gomibako hooligan. He may come off as a brat to many, many others and he's yet to see the fault in this.

        Overall, Aither enjoys the immediate moments of his life. He takes hardly any responsibility unless it directly is in his own benefit. He's lied many times and neither does he have guilt or conscious for it, so watch out. And yes, he has the typical soft spot that many do, but let's be frank. Anyone who genuinely likes something will try to stop being an ass to genuinely get it (especially if for keeps).


        His current family is an Aunt and Uncle. His memory of his mother and father are faint, and neither is it something he feels empty over. One could say it was a level of apathy grown over the years, or perhaps the luxury of riches taught him how easy it is to take all for granted.

        His mother had become a Staff Psychiatrist for ZETA; an equally important role needed in such an extensive research facility. Her goal was to assist in keeping the mental health of all the researchers good, which could often be bogged down from a multitude of factors from stress, workload, and tiredness. She did not come home often, but she knew her work was being put to good use. Somewhere she could feel that she helped to keep the spirit and psyche of these determined researched in high standing so they could always accomplish work at their best. When she wasn't assisting the staff, there was always much for herself to learn and contribute into the medical field as well.

        When the BETAV broke out, she was one of the originally infected. She survived the virus and recovered in a month's time. In the fall of 2023, she was able to convince her superiors to allow her to return home long enough to visit her family. Since her symptoms had corrected themselves and her health seemed sound, she was given that allowance for a couple of weeks time. She did not realize she would infect her own family, and neither did they tell it any different from the season's usual sickness-- colds, flues, and the like. She left after her allotted time and her son, Aither, and her husband were now Beta victims to the virus. A few months later did the government release new curfew laws, and all citizens had to be tested. Whether or not she had been among the first to bring the virus into Jewel District is unknown. Aither and his father were deemed UI while their mother was PC; her visit gave the government reason to suspect them but it was unclear for now until further examination could be done. Aither's father was devastated at this, never being able to see his wife again and depression took over his senses. He tried to escape the facility and was promptly faced with consequence.

        Aither's Aunt and Uncle heard of this and couldn't bear leave a young child alone, but neither did they desire to have anything to do with a possibly infected child. By now, word of how the virus spreads and lies in dormancy within carriers had them hesitant to properly house the child. Against their judgement, they allowed him to stay for a few years time until he could enroll into the Academy and live on the campus. Luck seemed to be on their side; neither were infected by the boy.

        As Aither started his life on campus, he met many folks who never really stuck to him, well save for one girl. She always caught his attention, and he didn't really know why--not that he cared to decipher the logic or reasoning. After a couple semesters, he would initiate a conversation with her, eventually leading to them becoming partners.


        ❧ The decadent smell of brand new expensive things.
        ❧ The sybaritic feel of being recognized amongst others, even if not openly stated.
        ❧ The exquisite taste of another heeding to his dominance.


        ❧ The corpse of wasted potential and use
        ❧ The foul stench of humiliation and his own submission
        ❧ Having no options


        ❧ Resides on Rodenbach Academy's campus, but it seems he dosen't fully keep up with his studies (2.6 GPA) even though he used to have big dreams of going to the University in Metropolex to do something worthwhile. He can probably get his relatives to pay his way in anyway.
        ❧ Had connections into the casino and so he occasionally works there as a dealer on a weekly alternating schedule. This is where he learned the art of manipulation, persuasion, and guise.
        ❧ Often travels to Metropolix on his weeks off after classes. Doesn't get much sleep on those days, but hanging around common people really gives him a kick.


        Meril | A girl he likes to stalk; his current and only partner.

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